Bed Bugs, K9 and Thermal Heat Treatments in Savannah,Ga.  Areas

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Thermal Remediation Electric Bed Bug Treatments

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Savannah Bed Bugs - Bedbugs

We would like to show you our Thermal Remediation Equipment we use to control Bed Bugs in Savannah and surrounding areas.

Why Are Heat Treatments the Most Effective Method ?

Bed Bugs have no resistance to temperatures above 120 degrees. The adults and nymphs die rather quickly after exceeding kill temperatures. The eggs have to be exposed to the heat for 1-2 hours to be unviable. One huge advantage is that it is immediate. This is great for rental properties or hotels.
bed bugs treatment truck savannah
​This is a Truck unit that has a diesel generator which supplies up to 12  room heaters. We can do over 4,000 sq ft with this unit.
bedbugs heat truck  during treatment
This truck can run 8 heaters and can do about 3200 sq ft.
bed bugs heat trailer savannah apartment
Our 6 heater trailers are perfect for smaller houses and apartments.

Clark Pest Remedy Bed Bugs HeatTreatments in Savannah, Statesboro,  Hilton Head, Brunswick Areas

Our Electric Heat Treatments are the very best method of bed bug extermination. It takes usuallyabout an hour or over to heat a residence up to bed bug kill temperature.(120). We heat at130-135 degrees in most cases. We set the beds and couches up to prepare for the heat. Fans are also used. We use some sprays and dusts during heatup to help contain the issue. We hold the heat after reaching kill temnperatures for 3-4 hours.
We install mattress and box springs encasements at the very end of the treatment.
For residential homes we charge by the square foot. For bed bugs an inspection is always recommended for confirmation and note taking. It is very difficult to give a reasonable and fairestimate without evaluating the issue first.