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We would like to show you our Thermal Remediation Equipment we use to control Bed Bugs in Savannah. This is a unit that has a diesel generator which supplies up to 8 room heaters. This unit also has fans which we use to distribute the heat thoroughly in the structure.

We are a family owned pest control business with environmental values and with respect to the health and welfare of our community. We are active members of the Certified Pest Control Operators of Georgia. We are very involved in our community and are proud of our services. The Company was started by Garey Clark in 1989 after many years of specializing in  termite control and inspections by using trained Termite Detection Dogs. He is known very well throughout the environmental community as being knowledgeable and sensitive to using safe products and applications.

 If you are interested in learning more about our bed bug services in Savannah and surrounding areas please click the link or if you want to call us our phone is  843-476-4301
 Email : gclark@clarkpestremedy.com

For your bed bug and pest control solution in Hilton Head, we seal the rooms being treated and then start the heat process. We have a wireless computer system that communicates with electronic temperature sensors which are placed in various areas of the rooms. We can then monitor the exact temperature of each sensor unit from outside or nearby.
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Bed Bug Exterminators Serving Savannah, Hilton Head, St. Simons, Brunswick, Specializing in bed bug heat treatments, Our Bed Bugs teams have been providing affordable relief to homes throughout Georgia and South Carolina since 2008. We are the premier provider of Thermal Remediation Bed Bug extermination services, providing safe, single-service exterminations that require little preparation beforehand. Our services are reliable and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Call Us Today ! 912-433-3671


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Bedbugs or bed bugs are small parasitic insects of the family Cimicidae (most commonly Cimex lectularius). The term usually refers to species that prefer to feed on human blood. All insects in this family live by feeding exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals. The name 'bedbug' is derived from the insect's preferred habitat of houses and especially beds or other areas where people sleep. Bedbugs, though not strictly nocturnal, are mainly active at night and are capable of feeding unnoticed on their hosts.

A number of health effects may occur due to bed bugs including skin rashes, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. Diagnosis involves both finding bed bugs and the occurrence of compatible symptoms. Treatment is otherwise symptomatic.

Bedbugs have been known by a variety of names including wall louse, mahogany flat, crimson rambler, heavy dragoon, chinche, and redcoat. Largely eradicated as pests in the developed world (primarily through the use of DDT) in the early 1940s, bedbugs have seen a resurgence since about 1995.

Bites and Concerns
Bed bugs usually bite people at night while they are sleeping. They feed by piercing the skin with an elongated beak through which they withdraw blood. Engorgement takes about three to 10 minutes, yet the person seldom knows they are being bitten. Bed bugs normally do not reside on people like head or body lice ? immediately after feeding they crawl off and reside elsewhere to digest their meal. Symptoms after being bitten vary with the individual. Many develop an itchy red welt or localized swelling within a day or so of the bite. Others have little or no reaction, and in some people the reaction is delayed. Unlike flea bites that occur mainly around the ankles, bed bugs feed on any skin exposed while sleeping (face, neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, etc.). The welts and itching are often wrongly attributed to other causes, such as mosquitoes. For these reasons, infestations may go a long time unnoticed, and can become quite large before being detected. The likelihood of bed bugs increases if the affected individual has been traveling, or had acquired used beds or furnishings before symptoms started to appear. Bed bugs also are suspect if you wake up with itchy bites you did not have when you went to sleep. Conversely, it is important to recognize that not all bites or bite-like reactions are due to bed bugs. Confirmation requires finding and identifying the bugs themselves, which often requires the help of a professional. 

Here is a great article by Paul J. Bello

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Over 201 Things You Should Know About Bed Bugs

A common concern with bed bugs is whether they transmit diseases. Although bed bugs can harbor pathogens in and on their bodies, transmission to humans is considered unlikely. Their medical significance is chiefly limited to the itching and inflammation from their bites. Antihistamines and corticosteroids may be prescribed to reduce allergic reactions, and antiseptic or antibiotic ointments to prevent infection. Though not known to carry diseases, bed bugs can severely reduce quality of life by causing discomfort, sleeplessness, anxiety, and embarrassment.
In some cases bed bugs can be visually detected in the folds and creases of mattresses,in bed frames,box springs,night stands and behind baseboards around the beds. They will also hide in couches and furniture in other areas of the house where they can get a blood meal. Bed bugs create a lot of waste. Dark blood spots and shed skins are easier to find than the insects themselves.We use the Sensor Bed Bug Detection Dogs to detect them in hidden areas. This gives us the know location of activity and allows us to use less pesticides and also do a better job eradicating them.

A thorough inspection requires dismantling the bed, and standing the components on edge so that upper and lower surfaces can be examined. Things to look for are the bugs themselves, and the light-brown, molted skins of the nymphs. Dark spots of dried bed bug excrement are often present along mattress seams or wherever the bugs have resided. Box springs afford many places for bed bugs to hide, especially underneath where the fabric is stapled to the wooden frame. Oftentimes the underlying gauze dust cover must be removed to gain access for inspection and possible treatment. Successful treatment of mattresses and box springs is difficult, however, and infested ones may need to be discarded or encased in a protective cover. Cracks and crevices of bed frames should be examined, especially if the frame is wood. (Bed bugs have an affinity for wood and fabric more so than metal or plastic). Headboards secured to walls should also be removed and inspected. In hotels and motels, the area behind the headboard is often the first place that the bugs become established. Bed bugs also hide among items stored under beds.


Thermal Heat Units are used to heat the rooms or entire structure up to 135 degrees. Bed bugs cannot withstand the heat and it kills all stages of this insect. In many instances we use pesticide residual to help with total elimination of bed bugs.

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How To Avoid Having A Bed Bug Infestation At Your Home!

1. Be careful when bring in any used furniture or clothing from another source.

2. When traveling do not place your suitcase on the bed. Use the stand and take it away from the wall at least a few inches.

3. When you come back home leave your suitcase out in the garage and take all of your clothes and put them straight into the dryer. Dry them for 30 to 45 minutes and the heat will kill all stages of Bed Bugs.

4. You can use a blow dryer or steamer to treat your suitcase.

Here is a checklist of items that should be removed for Heat Treatment 

Click here for a resident preparation checklist . Bed Bug Heat Treatment Preparation Checklist
 We service the Savannah, Brunswick, St. Simons, Hilton Head and the surrounding areas throughout Georgia and South Carolina
We received a service award and here is the article in Pest Control Technology Magazine

I was impressed with Garey's quick response after I submitted a request for information on their website. He was professional and set up a meeting right away with his bed bug dog, Ben. Garey and Ben saved me hundreds of dollars. After a thorough inspection, no bed bugs were found. I would use Clark Pest Remedy again and will recommend them to others. 

Signed, a customer in Marietta, GA

Heavy Bed Bugs found in mattress!.

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This is a Training Video Class you can use to train your employees or staff.

 Feel free to use this for small groups to educate them on recognition of bed bugs and how to react properly.

For large group classes please contact us and we will be glad to do a Powerpoint type presentation for you.
Here are some PDF files you can use. Property Managers, etc